sandra aka margarete ~

stillness please said the individual



limited stillness

'till morning, after the evening that comes

'till the world, after refusal

‘till when. ‘till death. death doesn’t matter. stillness in a bountiful beauty home. thou it is not a way of feeling. thou it is not a way of life they say. thou the individual does not know tries to acknowledge which may be an impossible mission. mission. no missions there where the individual lies. words will not empty the individual. words will not fill the individual. it will not become a poem. it will not become a bunch of words. it will not consider a biography. there will be no considerations at all anyway. some periods no commas. no way to an unassuming appearance. no comments about contradiction. no comments about paradox. no. not at all. not even a poem. just not stillness. no. not at all. not even rich in any way. no no’s no yes’s.

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