sandra aka margarete ~

Quisera (there's no translation for this word)

by let going away the parallel life

not to be

once not to have become true

became true

the future life that shall never be dreamt

(or it is a nightmare)

should never,

never must be thought

by chosing to chose

the choice to say no

said yes

thy feels yes forever

maybe phantoms

you know not

for a word

this word is only one

not happened

in the plans to be

this word

and all forward

thy knows

will not be taught

the phantoms

are those you grief,

thy may have shown

no voice to cry the wish

it doesn't come,

to give speech some sound

quisera L.

quisera V.

quisera D.

for far away life

one, never to become

two, somewhere,

the angel told someone

that told me the eyes.

(as not even writting down, thy knows in which time,
Archaic or nowadays,
thy you me my, no, not me
no saudade there)
(as not even writting down, you know in which code)
(give thy permission for the absentmindness of wich translations code to use)
(give thy permission for an own quisera)

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