sandra aka margarete ~

i exist

- so, what the fuck do you wanna know about me?
i'm a portuguese canadian-born. i'm 1.7 m tall (i hate to say 1.69). i'm not fat. i'm not skinny. i'm healthy. i'm sick. i'm an old lady. i'm a little girl. i've got brown eyes. i've got brown hair. the hair is long. the hair is kind of curly. or whatever this is. they say my skin is white. sure, i've even got genitals! i'm my mama's baby. i'm my papa's girl. i'm aunty. i'm sis. i'm a bitch. i'm unpolite. i'm dirty. i'm lazy. i'm a slob. i'm guilty! i'm moody. i'm not poor. but i'm far away from being rich. thank god! i like to say i love my middle class style of life. i get to work on time. i do what i'm told to and i do it well. weird, huh? hey! i'm even a nice person. yeah. i'm a woman. what's the big deal? not passive. though it may seem so, not agressive.
i love. some love me. some people hate me. so i'm love and hate too. i'm whatever you wanna feel about me. just leave my existence in peace with my hell. don't call into it. existence. dig it?

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